If the mention of “splitboarding” leaves you feeling baffled, let us help to clear the fog.

Think if you combined snowboarding with skiing – you’d have something a lil’ similar to splitboarding…

A splitboard is essentially a snowboard which can be split into two halves – these halves become skis used to travel uphill:



Once the board is split into two parts, you’ll attach ‘skins’ – think of a hairy slither that stops you sliding downhill. These are attached to the bottom of the two split halves of the snowboard, giving the skis traction to go uphill. 



Using retractable poles, you hike up though wild, rugged, remote mountains spots using your board as two separate skis – just like ski touring. Once you’ve reached the top, you re-attach the snowboard together ready for a descent through untracked powder. Typically charging through something looking like this:


Thanks to The Riders Social for the snap!

This season, we’re hosting our very first splitboarding week, in association with The Riders Social crew and Never Summer UK. Our “split & mix” break consists of riding two days of pristine off-piste powder on normal snowboards, and then three days of splitboarding. Think access to bigger backcountry lines, whilst trying out the ultimate mountain sport.

No lift queues. No crowded slopes. Just hiking remote mountains with friends that last long after the goggle tan has faded.

Opt in for powder & off-piste techniques lessons. Learn more about mountain safety; from snow pack stability to avalanche awareness. All with our fully qualified mountain goats-like guides.

You’ll need to be a confident snowboarder in off-piste to get the most out the week. If that sounds like you – secure your spot (only 6 spaces!) to  join us in the backcountry: snow@buratravel.com




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