B is for Bura

The very best things beginning with “B” around Bura Surfhouse.

  1. Bura Bar


Situated poolside, and serving 1€ beers, killer cocktails, creamy milkshakes and zesty smoothies. This is an ideal spot to kick back after a day at the beaches, and sneak in a few early drinks before a Bura BBQ.

2. Bura BBQ


Talking of which….leads us onto the Bura BBQs – one of our most famed weekly features. For a decent price, we serve up BBQ-ed burgers, chargrilled chicken, sizzlingly salads and vibrant veggie dishes to tuck into after a day exploring – wind down for the evening (or up!)

3. Batata Beach


The first (if coming from Lagos town centre) beach that you’ll find, and one of the most spectacular. Adorned with grottos, caves and bright blue water – it’s a sensational spot to spend a day sunning.

4. Bura Beach Camping


Portugal has a wealth of spots for wild camping, and one of our favourite things is to load up the van with a heap of wood, BBQ bits, a tent or two and hit the beaches. Nothing better than a fire, beers, buddies…and some sparklers?

Whatever you’re into, whether traveller, adventurer or beach bum – we’re sure to have something to suit ya for your stay – whether it begins with a “B” or not!

See you at the Surfhouse soon.



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