It’s Easter! And Here’s Why Chocolate Is The Perfect Surf/Snow Snack

It’s Easter weekend, or a time more commonly known for consuming half your body weight in chocolate. Chocolate isn’t typically associated with health or fitness, however, for those chocolate-addicts – don’t burden those shoulders with sugar-induced guilt just yet. Scientific research suggests that gobbling chunks of chocolate might just be the perfect pre-surf/snow snack.

  1. Back in the days of the Aztecs, a blend of cocoa powder, cornmeal, chilis and water was known as ‘food as the gods’ and provided the origin for the Latin name for cacao – “theobroma cacao” – “theo” (God) and “broma” (drink). This proved to be a magical combination to prevent fatigue and build strength, and was one of the earliest takes on an chocolate energy drink. Why not make your own and offer around a brew of theobroma cacao on the chairlift? It sounds a lot more edgy than offering a slurp on a chocolate milk, and it’s a drink of the gods!

2. It improves cardiovascular health and circulation – perfect for pumping blood around your body when you’re perfecting a deep powder carve or paddling hard for a wave.

3. The flavanols from cocoa can help improve blood flow to the skin and thus, helps protect against sun-induced damage which is mighty handy after long days in the ocean or sunning on a mountain terrace.

4. Research suggests that chocolate can improve cognitive functions in the brain, and contains caffeine which helps improve short term brain function. This Easter Sunday whilst on a surf check, switch up your car park cup o’joe for a slab of chocolate watching the waves.

The evidence suggests that shovelling slabs of chocolate into your gob can be great for your health. However, not all chocolate counts. To get these benefits, it’ll have to be good quality dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa content.

So this weekend, get guzzling, guilt-free – after all, it’s all in the name of improving your surf/snow skills! 


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