Why visit the Alps in the Spring?

Spring time typically conjures images of warm days, frolicking lambs, blooming flowers and gorging on Easter chocolate. A chilly, alpine scene may seem incongruous at this time of year – after all, fluffy powder days are normally synonymous with early season snowfall. Why bother heading to the Alps at all?

We’ve got three key reasons why you most certainly should get yo self to the mountains during the spring season:

  1. Corn Snow. Insane snow at this time of year isn’t just a fable. The melt/freeze cycle transforms the snow into spring – or corn – snow, creating snow conditions that are smoother than a baby’s bum, but with a grippy texture. Get your timings right, and the off-piste conditions can serve up stella corn snow that feels like riding a freshly groomed run. Too early, and you’ll feel your joints rattling on the ice pack. If you’re too late, you not only run the risk of wet slab avalanches, but you’ll find yourself sinking into the melt snow and leaving deep traces that freeze overnight – ruining that section for other snow voyagers. Not cool snow etiquette. If you time it perfectly, you’ll be riding that top section of melted snow, and your tracks will melt and reform over the afternoon and night. Thus, you can return and ride the very same section the next day with no visible traces. Like an invisible snow leopard.


2. The weather. From an English perspective, spring time normally means a weak layer of sun finally filters through the clouds, causing gasps of delighted joy from UK residents and a rush for a picnic cloth (or a 6 pack of beer), yet whilst still wearing a fleece and tentatively hitching up jeans/long johns to reveal a pasty ankle to the elements. Spring in the Alps is positively HOT. You’ll easily burn if you don’t lather up with suncream, and this balmy weather calls for BBQs, t-shirts and the opportunity to stroll around the resort in a pair of hot pants/speedos (if that’s your thing). It’s perfect for beginners too – since the soft snow means if/when you fall over – it doesn’t hurt as much. It’s like falling into a big slush puppy. Long, sunny days spent outdoors snowboarding/skiing, broken up with plenty of mountain beer breaks, and that’s what we call a holiday.


3. Outdoor Apres. Rather than huddling around an oak table slurping pints whilst the snow drips off your beard, the beaming sunshine calls for lazy afternoon beers outdoors, watching the sunset melting over the mountains. You’ll feel like your sunning in Ibiza, but with unrivalled alpine views. 


Insane snow, dreamy weather, outdoor beers and BBQs, and you can grab a flight to Geneva in April for just £86 – what’s not to like about an alpine April?


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