Why NOT To Join a Gym This January.

“New Year, New You”. You’ve probably been inundated with New Year’s resolutions from friends, family, colleagues, articles in the morning Metro, big billboards with scantily clad ladies and men adorned with a set of glamour muscles that make your mashed potato arms feel even more doughy.

Let’s face it; January spells overkill for getting healthy and fit, and after the excess of December, we get it. The weather sucks, so outdoorsy activities are only for the bold, and what happens if gyms just aren’t your thing? They can be mega expensive, riddled with toned babes, and what do you even wear? Leggings seem to turn see-through way too quickly, tank tops are only for those brave enough to showcase rock-hard abs, and loose, baggy clothes don’t seem to inspire fitness – how can you even tell if you’ve lost a roll when you’ve got 30 inches of extra cloth billowing around you, like a cape, on the treadmill.

Now, here’s where a Bura Boot Camp fits the bill. Ditch the gym/overpriced personal trainer/rainy weather, and get yo self out to us in Portugal.

And here’s why:

  1. Sunshine. Portugal gets hot, and copious amounts of sun always calls for good times galore. Somehow when it’s sunny, it’s easier to stop munching crisps and cakes (inevitable when it’s teeming down with rain, and you’ve got back to back episodes of Game Of Thrones to catch up on), and instead head outdoors surfing, hiking and adventuring.

2. Relax. We haven’t got your typical boot camp, there’s no shouting by an angry P.E teacher figure. Instead, we’ve gone for the more chilled option. Think of an introduction to a typical Boot Camp, but just with really cool outdoor activities and a ton of healthy food, so you can go hog wild feasting. After all, hard work deserves reward, so kicking back with a post-surf lazy beer, or a boozy milkshake is quite commonplace. 

3. Friendly Vibe. Imagine staying at your friend’s house, if said friend had a pool, and a poolside bar, and hot, hot sunshine so you could get your tan on. Combined with this, badass activities such as surfing, stand up paddleboarding, adventure hiking, yoga, and a personal trainer who is exceedingly nice whether you can squat or not. Add to this a bunch of like-minded people who are mostly brand new to each activity and are just up for a lol or two. Most come by themselves, many come with friends, but it’s fair to say – you’re going to bond after braving the ocean with a surfboard for the first time, or after dashing for a sunrise ocean dunk post-planking in a personal training session on the beach. That’s the way beach buddies are born!

4. Easy Access. Flights to Faro start from just £57 return in March. And the price of our Boot Camp starts at €299pp for all accommodation, food, surf trip, yoga sessions, stand up paddle boarding trip, adventure hikes, personal trainer sessions and the usual Bura hospitality. Wham bam thank you mam.

Getting fit shouldn’t be a chore, it shouldn’t be endured in a room with no light, and churning machines. And that’s why we’re suggesting that this year, ditch the gym membership, and treat yourself to a sun-soaked Bura Boot Camp. Trying something new shouldn’t be scary, and you’ll probably become a surfing addict just from a simple trip out to Portugal. You’ll never know until you try.

To join a Bura Boot Camp, email: info@burasurfhouse.com or for spring dates, visit: http://www.burasurfhouse.com/boot-camp/


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