You may have noticed the plethora of Aussies that frequent Lagos. That ‘straya crowd with long, blond locks that surf, SUP, sprawl on the beaches, styling wide brimmed hats, and sporting nut brown tans. They’re all over Lagos in the summer months, like a migrating bunch of geese, if geese wore backwards caps, and singlets.

Determined to understand why so many flock here, we cornered an Aussie at work (Breakfast Meg), and grilled her about Lagos as a honeypot destination for Australians. These results were neatly formed into an acronym for all things Aussie:

A – Alcohlolz 

It may look like a mis-spelling but that’s not so – think if alcohol and laughing out loud merged together: you’d be having alcohlolz. The ‘z’ at the end of ‘LOL’ is just to make it more edgy, like an Australian hipster’s fashion sense. Enough on spelling, more onto alcohlolz: dancing and drinking are a big pull for Aussies heading to Lagos. We’ve got a plethora of bars, and in the summer, Lagos can be a mecca for partiers keen to get involved with body shots, bar crawls and breakdancing*

*Ok, maybe just normal dancing.

U – Usual Suspects

Our source (Breakfast Meg) notes that friends, lovers, buddies from home may arrange to meet in Lagos, thus you’ll be likely to reunite with the ‘usual suspects’. Let’s break that down a little further. Picture this: you’re in Barcelona, you meet a cool new buddy, you may arrange to meet in Lagos. Likewise for friends from back home, that boy from Brisbane you snogged in Madrid, that couple you met on the Sevilla walking tour etc. etc. Point is, you’re quite likely to see people you have met before in Lagos, and that’s always fun. 

S – Surf

Those Aussies who aren’t sucked in by the bright lights of the bars have heard rumours of good surf. And there is! Lagos is located in one of the best surf spots in Europe. There are rights and lefts and beach breaks and reefs and south coast waves and west coast waves and all you’ll need is a board (easily rented in town) and some sun stick to slip, slop, slap. Isn’t that an Australian sun safe term?

S – Sun

Which bring us nicely onto the next lure to Lagos – the sun! It’s super warm here, and roasting hot (in a good way) in the summer. Most people have headed North or West from a cultural cruise around Lisboa, or Sevilla, so it’s time to tan in Lagos. We’ve got just so many beaches based around the town, so you can close your eyes and pretend your at home in Aus, rather than on a break away from a working holiday visa job in the drizzly UK. Eugh. Back to tanning.

I – Interesting Rocks

When indulging in some bronzing on the beaches in town, you’ll have noticed some interesting rocks. Yup, the historical, peculiar coastline that surrounds Lagos is rather interesting. In 1755, there was an earthquake which shattered this coastline into the ground, and left a wicked amount of seastacks perched in the bright blue water. Perfect for jumping off – or just squinting at and trying to see animal shapes out of them.

E- Excellent Bura Breakfasts

So, since our helpful Australian source is also Breakfast Meg, she has assured us that Australians visit Lagos for her insanely good pancakes and Bura breakfasts, made by her fair hand. Have you tried one? You probably should – you’d be booking an extra night in a flash.

So here’s our decisively useful/useless conclusion on why Australians may visit Lagos – big thanks to Breakfast Meg for her help!

To check out all that is mentioned above, meet some cool Aussies, AND get a delightful breakfast for free, just email: info@burasurfhouse.com


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