How to…make the perfect Bura mojito.

Woo your loved ones, or make some loved ones with this zesty, zingy mojito recipe created and crafted by Lucas, our legendary Bura barman.


– “The” lime (more on this later)

– A bunch of mint

– Brown sugar

– Dark Rum

– Soda Water

– Preferably an Argentinean barman to oversee your efforts. 

Step 1. Find ‘the’ lime. This is exceedingly important. If it’s yellow, it’ll be juicy, if it’s green, it’ll be more sour – so choose your lime wisely. Then massage the lime with your fingers:


Step. 2. Cut both ends off the lime, chop into four and pop the lime into your glass.


Step 3. Grab your mint and use the real green, small and juicy leaves – aim for around 7 leaves. Chuck into the bottom of the glass.


Step 4. Brown Sugar! This is the most important ingredient so grab a full tbsp of sugar and throw in.

Step 5. Using a wooden stick, pound the mixture as much as you can. Give it a good churn around the glass. 


It should look a bit like this when you’re done:


Step 6. Fill to the brim with ice.


Step 7. Swivel the icy mix by twisting the bottom of the glass lightly with your fingers, to make the glass ice cold throughout.

Step 8. Grab the rum and pour for 5 seconds into the cup and then do the twisty-ice-swivel again to make it real cold.


Step 9. Because we’re in Portugal: Acaber de encher com soda. In English: fill with soda water to the very top

Step 10. Using a straw mix the mojito further and then you’re ready to serve.


Lucas is serving his legendary mojitos every day at our poolside bar. Get checked in by emailing: to sample them. Wham bam thank you Lucas the barman.



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