Having clocked that Spain is really rather close to Lagos, we thought we’d nip into Spain and see what sunny Sevilla had to offer. After all, you can squeeze in a sunrise surf session in Portugal, tapas in Spain for lunch and be back at Bura for a beer at the bar. Everybody loves a border crossing!

We decided to linger for a night to make the most of it, so here’s our decisive guide about Sevilla.

What not to do with 24 hours in Sevilla:

  1. Drive a very tall van into the city expecting to get a parking spot.
  2. Spot a sign saying “Libre”, all cheer with excitement at the prospect of free parking (but then realise it meant available parking spaces) and then discover that the van is far too tall to fit into the parking bay, but it’s already too late as we joyously drove down an exceedingly steep entrance ramp, and thus, are forced to do a 45-degree-angle-burning-rubber-reverse.
  3. Expect to go completely hog wild at a tapas restaurant on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The queue was 20 tables long.
  4. Instead, pay €12 for paella at a place that had pictures of the food outside. Never a good sign, but hunger makes you do strange, regrettable things.
  5. Drink 3 cups of delicious, diuretic Spanish coffee before a six hour bus ride with no loos on board.

Clearly not a bunch of “Sev-ilians”, but obvious tourist fodder.

However, we quickly recovered, and here’s the pearls of wisdom from our trip.

What to do with a few hours left in Sevilla:

  1. Go to a flamenco show, and arrive early to get front row, centre seats. You’ll have the unique opportunity to get sprayed with sweat from the prancing, rippling, sultry stallion of a man dancing in figure hugging jeans.
  2. Dine at some GREAT tapas places – most notably, Tabernas Coloniales where they serve tiny quails eggs on a bed of chorizo.  And some sort of tapas which translated as a country loaf platter with slithers of ham sprinkled all over. Oh, and almond chicken. And, the cod croquettes which are just little parcels of heaven – we ended up ordering a plate of fourteen. Greedy gyals.
  3. Go on a “past view” tour with some dodgy 3D glasses, and watch Don Miguel, author of Don Quixote, be whisked off to Seville prison.
  4. Impulse buy BULK souvenirs, because you never know when you may need a pair of castanets.

The cool thing about Sevilla is it’s only a 2.5 hour drive from Lagos, so you can do a super express road trip, and be back before you’ve digested your chocolate churros. Lunch in Spain anyone?


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